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  News Archive

The FTDI news archive pages keep track of some historical news items that have been moved from the home page. 


  News - 20th December 2004

E-Mail Address Changes

Due to a large amount of spam and virus attempts, the original FTDI support, sales and administrative E-Mail addresses are being terminated.  The E-Mail addresses that will no longer be supported are:

  • support@ftdichip.com

  • sales@ftdichip.com

  • admin@ftdichip.com

For current E-Mail addresses, please refer to the Contact page of this site.



  News - 16th December 2004

Website Update

Our website has been updated and re-organised to make information easier to find.



FTDI Knowledgebase

The new FTDI Knowledgebase is available on-line to help solve common problems and as a reference for developers.  The Knowledgebase will be added to over time to build up a more comprehensive reference.  Take a look by clicking here.



FTDI at Electronica 2004

Read about FTDI's exhibition at Electronica 2004 here.



Lead Free FT2232C Now Available

The FT2232C is now available as a lead free product, the FT2232L.  Contact your local FTDI distributor to order parts.



Updated D2XX Driver and Programmer's Guide

An updated version of our D2XX driver (1.6.20) has been posted on our Drivers page and is available for free download.  In addition, the D2XX Programmer's Guide has been updated to reflect some of the additional functions available.  The D2XX Programmer's Guide has also been included in full in our Knowledgebase.



  News - Pre 16th December 2004

Code Examples

An enhanced VB6 example based on original code from Christian Vogt of Itec-technology is available on the Visual Basic Code Examples.  This code now includes support for programming the FT2232C EEPROM.  Please install the latest D2XX drivers from our Drivers Page before running this code.



New Utilities

A test application for FT2232C based RS232/RS485/RS422 designs has been posted on our utilities page.



D2XX Code Examples

The source code for the above test application  has been made available on our C++ Builder Examples page.  A similar project has been made available for FT232/FT245 based designs.



QNX Drivers

Drivers for QNX have been added to our list of 3rd party drivers.  Our thanks to Gleb Glazirin for developing these.



Mac OS X VCP Drivers for FT2232C

A beta VCP driver is now available for the FT2232C on request from FTDI Support.



AT-Bus Project Using FT2232C

A new project demonstrating how to use the MPSSE function of the FT2232C to interface to an AT-Bus has been added to the Projects Page.  The project includes documentation, schematics and application software source code written in Delphi.



D2XX Code Examples

LabVIEW examples are now available from the Code Examples page of the website.  These are compatible with LabVIEW 7.0 and later.



D2XX Python Interface

A Python interface module to allow use of D2XX drivers is now available from Embedded CL.  Please visit http://armoid.com/pyusb/ for more details.



D2XX Only Drivers for FT2232C

D2XX only drivers for the FT2232C are now available from our FT2232C Drivers page.



New Evaluation Kits

Several new evaluation modules have been added to the Evaluation Kits Page.  The Morph-IC FPGA development kit, SoftBaugh FT232U169 and FT245U169 Virtual COM Port Laboratory evaluation kits (using TI MSP430F169 flash processors), Parallax USB - serial adaptor and new modules from DLP Design are only some of the new additions.



FT2232C Article

Nuts and Volts (USA) has published an article called "Multi-Protocol USB: An All-Serial Data Acquisition System - No Microcontroller Required!" by Don Powrie.  In the article Don describes how to use the FT2232C device MPSSE interface to form an all-serial data acquisition system.  To read the article on-line, click here.



New Resources

New additions to the Resources Page include the publications L'USB Pour Tous by Vincent Le Mieux (in French) and PC Interfacing with USB by Peter Bates, part of the popular PC Hardware series from Babani Publishing.  Engineers wishing to use the FT2232C to provide a USB - JTAG interface who want to learn more about JTAG should check out the JTAG Educator on the TI website for additional reference material and examples.



WHQL Certified Windows VCP Drivers

New Windows WHQL certified VCP Drivers for FT232BM, FT245BM, FT8U232AM and FT8U245AM devices have been posted on the drivers page on October 3rd 2004.  New Windows Drivers for the FT2232C have also been posted on our FT2232C Drivers page.



D2XX Drivers for Linux

Our popular D2XX drivers have now been ported to Linux.  These are suitable for our FT232BM, FT245BM, FT8U232AM, FT8U245AM and FT2232C devices.  Please see our Drivers Page for details.



JTAG Project Using FT2232C

A new projects demonstrating how to use the MPSSE function of the FT2232C to interface to JTAG bus has been published on our Projects Page.  The project includes documentation, schematics and application software source code written in Delphi.



Windows CE Drivers

Windows CE driver development has now been taken in-house and Beta drivers are now available.  If you are interested in Windows CE drivers for our devices, please register your interest by sending an e-mail to our support team quoting the target processor model, the target operating system and if it is VCP or D2XX drivers that are required.



SPI and I2C Projects Using FT2232C

Two new projects demonstrating how to use the MPSSE function of the FT2232C to interface to SPI Bus and I2C bus respectively have been published on our Projects Page.  These projects include documentation, schematics and application software source code written in Delphi.



E-Mail Address Changes

In order to help combat the huge quantity of spam e-mail and virus attempts being received by our sales and support departments, we are changing the e-mail address's for these.  Please see our support page and our sales network page for the new details.  Please update your address book as we plan to discontinue the old e-mail addresses in the near future.  Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.



FT232BM Article

Elektor magazine recently ran an article on the design of a Climate Logger based on a Dallas DS1616 sensor.  A USB version of this is also available, based on FTDI's FT232BM USB UART device.  The author, Thomas Poms has made the article available for those who would like to read it.  To read the original article, click here.



Unusual FT245BM Application

Our devices are frequently used in unusual application areas.  For a look at the FT245BM used in a CCD Astroimaging project, click here and follow the link to the QuickAudine USB Interface.  Our thanks to Landrum Haddix.



New Contact Details

On 24th February 2004, FTDI relocated to larger premises in order to accommodate increased personnel and improved lab/development facilities.  Our contact details are now:

Future Technology Devices International Ltd.
373 Scotland Street,

G5 8QB

Tel: +44 (0) 141 429 2777

Fax: +44(0) 141 429 2758

E-Mail addresses and website details remain the same.



New Product Introduction

FTDI are pleased to announce the release of the  FT2232C - a 3rd generation dual-channel USB UART/FIFO IC which as well as offering two channels has several new features and enhancements. For detailed information on the new device and supporting evaluation kits please visit our new FT2232C page.



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